“Your customer service is AMAZING!!!! What a blessing y'all are. This swing is used every single day. Even on rainy days my kids swing on it. Thank you so much for being so kind. Michelle” Michelle, Arlington, TN
“It looks wonderful! Thank You! We love it!” Jacqueline, Charleston SC
“ ( : All the children LOVE the swing. Thank you from all of us!! Jillian ” Jillian, Chilliwack, BC
“Thank you so much! I have been very impressed with your customer service. I look forward to pushing my kids on my parents swing this coming summer, and hope to get a nice picture to send you if possible!” Jessica M, New York
“I just opened up the box and saw the swing! I LOVE it!!! It looks awesome and totally exceeded my expectations! Our three-year-old son, Chase, is so excited and already is planning to have all his friends come swing. I will send photos when we get it up! Thank you again!” Melissa, Little Silver