Product Features


We use Western Red Cedar because of its very low shrinkage factor and its superiority to all other coniferous woods in its resistance to warping, twisting, and checking. Cedar wood contains oils that act as natural preservatives. This natural preservative helps the wood resist the fungi that rots wood and  insects that eat wood. These are the same oils that give cedar its distinctive aroma, and the reason why our cedar sachets are popular for use in closets and storage areas. Left to itself, cedar will age naturally to a handsome silver-grey patina with the occasional darker streak - this is a random natural process.  Cedar swings may be left to weather naturally if the silver-grey patina is preferred. Although naturally aging cedar is beautiful, we prefer to not leave our swing seats untreated. The seats are protected with a low VOC wood sealer as a first line of defense against the elements to gain the maximum service life for your outdoor swing. The purpose of the wood sealant we use on our swings is to reduce water absorption. The service life of our wood sealer is one to two years, depending on where your swing is located. We recommend that you re-apply a sealer/preservative when the current finish has worn off. Choose a good quality wood sealer at your local hardware store and follow the manufacturer’s directions. On our product page we offer a Protective Product Refinishing Kit at an affordable price for you to touch up your swing. Swings that are installed indoors or under covered porches – areas free of UV rays and moisture- will not need to be refinished as frequently.



We use natural Manila rope for all our swings.  Manila rope is made from the leaves of the sustainable and renewable Abaca tree. It is a wood product that will age naturally to a handsome silver-grey patina much like the cedar swing seat. Manila rope is very durable, flexible and resistant to water damage. Manila rope may last many years when undercover and away from UV rays and moist conditions. However, swings that are suspended from live tree limbs or swings that are continually subjected to sun and moisture have a shorter life span. This may reduce the lifespan anywhere from 2 to 15 years. Care must be taken to check the ropes for wear and tear from top to bottom before every use.

The ropes naturally absorb water and will expand during rainy season. This expansion will cause your rope to shrink temporarily in height, but be assured as the sun comes out the moisture will leave the ropes and bring it back to its original length.

During warm summer weather all moisture will leave the ropes and as a result the ropes will be drop lower than usual. Again, as the moisture returns to your area your swing will rebound to its original length.

Do not make adjustments during extremely warm or wet  conditions. Your swing will always rebound to its original size and shape. Pick an average height when installing your swing and enjoy the varying heights throughout the year.