Aromatic Cedar Sachet

Rosedale Swing Company Aromatic Cedar Sachets are filled with the heady aroma of a hike through the mountains of the Canadian Coastal Rainforest. Each sachet is reminiscent of the cozy cabin visited on Christmas days and of the warm summer days swinging on a Rosedale Swing Company swing.

Sachets are individually packaged and measure 3" x 4 1/2” and are approximately 2" thick at it's girth.

Volume Discounts are available!
* Our Cedar Sachets are 100% environmentally safe, pure and natural air fresheners packed into bio-degradable cellophane shipping bag and topped with recycled and recyclable paper.
* Our cedar sachets naturally repel moths and carpet beetles. Rosedale Swing Company’s hand-filled sachets will eliminate odours, mildew, and absorb moisture.
*A drawstring closure doubles as a hanging loop for use on door knobs, hangers or hooks.
*Rosedale Swing Company cedar sachets are perfect for any pair of shoes or can be placed in garment bags, dresser drawers, closets or luggage to give your shoes and clothes that fresh cedar scent.
*Time to put your family’s fine garments away for the season? A few minutes of pre-storage care can prevent moth damage and add years to your clothing’s life. Pack several sachets between layers of clothes and enjoy the clean scent again the next season.
*Toss a few in the RV, truck or car. The aroma of pure cedar will add a continuous, subtle scent to vehicle interiors. Long-lasting and fragrant, they bring the scent of the outdoors in. It will feel like you're driving through a crisp mountain forest even when you are driving in the city!

The Cedar scent will last for 8 to 12 months depending on temperature and storage circulation. When the scent begins to fade, revitalize it with a squeeze. Replace your sachets after a year with a new order from Rosedale Swing Company.

Our 100% organic cotton sachet bags are re-usable. When the scent has run its life cycle, shake the contents into your fireplace, garden, or planter box and use the empty drawstring bag to store jewelry, coins, buttons, tickets, or re-use as a small gift bag.