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October 20, 2014 • Myka Jelier

Changing of the Leaves

Swing Musings

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.      ~Jim Bishop

The fall season is the most colorful time in the Fraser Valley, when swathes of autumn gold,orange & red blanket the mountains and valleys and brilliant fall colors illuminate the landscape.

Autumn stirs me with an irresistable urge to get in my truck and travel up-country in search for more intense fall colors. I love to drive up the winding roads through the mountains to see the beautiful array of  colored foliage touching an impossibly blue sky.

I stop to pick up bits of leaves and moss to take back home. And, I stop to snap a photo, or two.. or two hundred.

A short drive through Aspen Grove, just north of the Tullameen Valley,  will have me gazing at brilliantly dressed birch and aspen trees. Inadvertently, I will be thinking each tree should be sporting a swing. You would agree.

 I consider it a bonus trip if I discover a bear still taking his fill on the few lingering berries. Last week I came upon a bobcat standing on the Vedder trail admiring the scene.. just like I was. 

I observe the leaves becoming more vibrant and brittle the further north I go. Clearly, the leaves become the most splendid right before falling off of the trees. 

Sitting on my favourite tree swing I contemplate the changing of the season: the glorious colors, the crisp wind blowing through the branches and the soft flutter as a leave lands on my hand. But, there is more to all this than the indisputable splendor... 

...I see every season as a miracle again and again. A symbol of life sprouting, blossoming, growing, fading and dying. Yet, safely tucked beneath the layers of fallen leaves there lays a seed, many varied seeds,  filled with the promise of another spring, summer and yet another glorious autumn. I will remember those seeds when the snow is flying.

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord"

~Ps 150:6

Wishing you a beautiful autumn and happy swingin',

Myka and the Rosedale Swing Company team

* * *


another great post with absolutely beautiful pictures! Although summer was great..I love October!
Thank you Sheila! Glad you enjoyed this post. Talk soon!
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