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July 30, 2014 • Myka Jelier

A Thing Of Beauty

Swing Musings

I love days like today.

A cool early morning start as I watch the sun rise up the backside of the towering mountain before me from my chair on the balcony. Its warm rays spread over the waving cornfields that lay between me and that mountain. I feel the warmth of the sun reach out to touch my face.

Coffee cup in hand I scan my orders for the day. Today, amongst many emails I see an “extra special” engraving request.

I don’t know Dan from Texas, but I feel like I instantly know him. He is a sweet southern man looking for a special gift for his wife in celebration of their 5th wedding anniversary.

Dan went looking for gift ideas on Pinterest that are true to Hallmark’s 5th Anniversary: Wood.

He promptly found us.. or did we find Dan?

 A Rosedale Swing Company swing is a favourite choice for many folks. (Our Swing Travels: more on that next month)

Well, Dan has joined the team of guys around the world contacting us for a unique and forever gift. A tree swing is the treasured gift.

(and I have more reasons to continue peruse and pin on Pinterest )

From me to you: enjoy viewing a small selection of engraved swings mailed out this summer.

This is why I love what I do. This is why RSC was founded. Knowing we are a thread in the tapestry in this couples lives for years to come via a simple, yet elegant, swing makes me start my day with a smile and a song. It truly makes my heart swing.

 Born from a magnificent Canadian western red Cedar harvested on Haida Gwaii to an old Oak Tree in the heart of Texas: We bring sunshine, smiles and laughter.

Thank you Dan for making my day extra special. Your swing is enroute to Texas and will arrive at your door step today.

 Come Soar with us ~ Happy Swinging,

Myka and the Rosedale Swing Company team.

* * *


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