Our Story

As I sat alone in our wooden chair beneath our massive Maple tree one sultry Sunday afternoon in early August 2011, memories flooded back of the old tree swing that used to hang from the huge moss covered branch above my head. I recalled the many sweet memories spent on the old swing my father built  back in '73. The scent of fresh-cut hay and ripening corn, carried on a soft, afternoon breeze perfumed the air as I reminisced. My siblings, friends, and I had grown up on that country swing and in time our children used the same swing until the ropes were worn and the swing deteriorated. Remnants of the ropes still hang in fragments from those limbs. That frayed rope triggered a lightning bolt of inspiration: I could give this gift of swing memories to our precious grandchildren. And why stop there? We could build swings for people anywhere on this planet to experience the same pleasures generations before them enjoyed. With the support and partnership of our children we launched into our family built cottage business that same week. We never looked back and continue to swing our products forward to a new generation of swing enthusiasts.

Within a few days, we began gathering information necessary to build a safe, durable, classic traditional swing. We built a workshop and so began our mission. Rosedale Swing Company was born. Our responsibility to the environment had to be top priority. We knew our first choice for wood must be the strong, durable and beautiful West Coast Cedar. Our next mission was not to use any bi-product in our ropes or wood finishes – only natural, renewable, sustainable products would be used.